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The circle of the symbol represents person’s head & the earth and its infinite potentiality.
The whole shape including the circle on the top appears as “i” of INix soft and a standing person.
The curved line around the “i” shape represents as “S” for Soft, and it assigns our will to connect one to another in new communication.
Shape, color, balance of the symbol is option that can be changed at any time.

The color of CI use only the selected RGB or corresponds to the CMYK Code.
The INIX Deep Blue that are used in the symbol represents going with strong will of INIX Soft for the new and the mystery.
Also the color expression of Online INIX SOFT(TEXT COLOR) is selected by the community of harmony according to the PCCS
(Practical Color Co-ordinate System).
INIX LightGray can be used on a black background, and INIX DimGray can be used on a white background, to make it not too gorgeous and light.

Use only the color of INIX DEEPBLUE for the symbol and TEXT color can be changed in limited options.

There are two types of CI for INix Soft, Co., LTD for two different INIX CI Color Systems.