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Mobile game SSAMBAK AOS, IOS launch
Mobile game Animal First AOS, IOS launch
Started business partnership with Neowiz pmang
Started business partnership with KRP Eximbay
Launched Mobile game 'GrowPhone' by AOS & IOS
Launched Kalonline on Steam US Service
Launched the global game portal service 'GameAgit'
Started business partnership Webzen PC cafe with Kalonline
Cooperation in project E-Pin with PlaySpan
Started business partnership with U.S. Moneybookers
Launched Kalonline on Polish Service
Started business partnership with Poland payment agency, LLC
Made a contract with U.S. G10 for pre-paid card payment gateway partner
Made a contract publishing on Taiwan service
Started business partnership with VanillaGate MMOSITE
Started business partnership with Singapore MolePoints
Awarded Venture Enterprise Grand Prize (CEO Sun-Gu Kim)
Made MOU with payment gateway partner "NET3D" in Venezuela
Selected as VanillaGate - ETRI Korean high-tech Game Industry Association test-bed business
Started business partnership with Brazil GNN E-Pin distributer
Started business partnership with Germany Game-face
Started business partnership with England Twisted-Studio
Attended and be invited that Game-mission and London Game Show are hosted by British Embassy
Started partnership with MMOSITE.COM for global KalOnline Promotion
Attended and be invited game show "E3" and export conference
Attended and be invited G Star 2005 and Publisher Export Conference
Kalonline - Contract to publish on China service
Launched Kalonline on Global Service
Selected as Korea IT industry promotion agency (KIPA) Global test-bed business
Carried out cooperative promotion with "Netmarble"
Opened Game Technical Journal Knowledge Warehouse 'Game QnA' site
Attended Japanese game festival "Game Fantasy Star"
Awarded Beforehand-production game prize by Kalonline: Ministry of culture and tourism
ProjectShinru - Started partnership with China Chuangchi Soft Publisher
Started business partnership event with Hollywood Movie 쏮an in Black 2
Started partnership with Chollian, Dacom for co-marketing "Project Shinru"
Entered 쏫orea.China On-line Mobile Game Interchange (China - Beijing)
Attended 쏷okyo Game Show
Started local service for Taiwan Mobile Rush in Taiwan (TIC)
Made a contract and service with KTF for mobile game service of "SCHOOL JJANG
Made a contract and service with Sk telecom
Made a contract and developed the game sound of ASPIRE (Arcade game) of HanbitSoft Inc
Made MOU with HYUNDAI Corp for mobile game셲 oversea market
Made a contract and service with Shinsegi Telecom for mobile game service
Made a contract and service with Korea Telecom & M.com for the mobile game service of "Mobile RUSH"
Made a contract and service with LG Telecom for the mobile game service of "Mobile RUSH"
Made MOU with Korea Telecom (KT) for the Internet game portal
Made MOU with Cicero Engineering Services Inc of USA for US market
Made MOU with Korea Telecom for the online game service
Entered the 쏶eoul Game Expo
Made a contract with ILSHIN Investment Co., Ltd & DACOM International Inc Funds
Awarded 2000 beforehand production game prize on "Project shinru" by Ministry of culture and tourism
Certified Venture Company by SMBA
Awarded 3rd Korea Digital Contents festival by Korea Creative Content Agency
Attended 쏶oft Expo (COEX)
Selected the national defense company by MMA
Certified by KIBO
Made Contract & MOU with Saint Hermit Studios at Taiwan for "RUSH"
Selected for outstanding company by KOMS at Online Game fields
Selected the meeting for information funds by Ministry of Information Communication
Incorporated INIXSOFT Corp. (CEO Sun-Gu Kim)