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Development INIXSOFT Corp.
Genre SF Mechanic MMORPG
Platform PC
Story Outline
Veronica, ancient continent hidden in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is in the age of civil wars that 10 big empires territorial disputing for continent unity as building up the military power.
Unidentified object fell from the sky in the middle of the city of Kaliona, One of the empires with most advanced science. Top-shaped unidentified flying object were surrounded by strong magnetic field, and to find out the identity of this object, 쏫aliona and the smartest 400 scholars of allied nations studies the mysterious magnetic field for about 20 years.
Features of the game
Project Shinru (AKA Shinru) has achieved recognition in planning ability by being awarded the grand prize from beforehand production game award. Especially the guild system which is the center of users community and also the most important part in online game is outstanding.
Shinru is adjusted game for the users who are familiar to existing online games, and action RPG games, so that not only players who have being playing online games but also players who have been playing other action RPG games can learn and start the game easily.
On the other hand, systems such as guild system, mechanic system, and city development system were added to discriminate from other games.
Players not only fight but buy mechanics, modify them and ride them in battle and take over villages. Then guilds develop villages and battle with each other. Other than the guilds, they can fight with mystery-guarding gods or devils who are trying to start a war, and use them as summoning animals after dominating them.
Screen shot
Art concept