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"KalOnline illustrates the new, but familiar world of oriental fantasy based on oriental fable and myth."
Genre Full 3D MMORPG Service Servicing for Global
Flat form PC, Online Award Won 2003 "Beforehand-production game prize"
Intended game style Oriental Fantasy HomePage http://www.kalonline.com
Diverse and unique characters
KalOnline job system is changeable and promotion-able based on 6 initial jobs:Knight, Archer, Magician, Thief, Shaman, ShamanSwordTrickster, there are 6 jobs for each branch, 32 jobs total. Few new jobs will be added in the future.
Many items
Items are classified into weapons, armors, accessories, medicines, and etc. Discriminately from existing online games, KalOnline game system has 쐏refix system for items. 쏱refix system is combining items with 쏣nchanting of talisman and 쏣lemental Stone. Even if it is the same item, it can be created differently depends on character셲 job and player셲 preference.
Brilliant Graphic
Our self-developed 3D engine, and technique for online game and server are applied to 쏫alOnline and its world is composed of FULL 3D extensively. There are villages, forests, fields, big cities, and castles, and the change of climate and the time flow is well expressed.
In existing FULL 3D online games, 1000~1500 polygons are used, but in KalOnline, you can experience higher quality of FULL 3D game because we use over 2500 polygons, and the resolution is supported up to 1280X1024. Impressive magic effect, character animation, and magnificent 3D sound effect will delude you like you are watching a movie.
An individual player> Party> Guild VS Guild> Occupation war = Community
KalOnline provides 쏥uild system presenting the community, and guilds can fight with each other.
Growth of each guild depends on guild members contribution. Players can build a bond and vitalize the community by having occupation war or making a point indicator for their guild.
Also players can be involved in economic activities using the land taken from guild fight of occupation war.
Various system and other things
Other than the systems explained above, you can meet a new world in KalOnline with private shop, production and collection, economy, PvP, PK, mini games, and item mixing.
Through the legendary animal system which is motivated by the figures of zodiac, each player can transform into legendary animals with different abilities. Legendary animals grow from an egg to a form of full maturation, and each growing process has its own transformation form. If you transform, the property of each character becomes segmentalized, and the more animals grow, the better they are for the battle. This presents the power, activeness, and dynamics of KalOnline.
Quest system
Oriental fable and myth based KalOnline quest system includes leveled Kill Task, quest with a game story illustrated like a film, and Scenario quest. In Scenario quest, players as many as hundreds participate together, and the outcome can change the spread of game play dramatically for each server. Achievement of a player with remarkable activity can be saved in an item [History], and sang by the NPC. Players small action can change the game flow.